Friday, December 24, 2004

christmas indian style

Lord Jesus Christ was born at midnight – hence, the midnight mass in the churches on Christmas eve. Lord Krishna was also born at midnight.

Christ was born into a family of shepherds, Krishna was a cowherd – he loved to be among his cattle.

However, whilst Krishna’s birth was in the rainy season, Christ was born in winter – when there is snow all around. Snow, again, is a form of rain! Even there is a similarity in their names – Christ and Krishna! Probably, this is one of the reasons why Christmas is yet another popular festival in India.

Coming as it does at the close of the Christian year, people love to enjoy these festivities with outings, picnics and the like. Those who have lapsable leaves to their credit try to take advantage of the same and disappear from sight for these few days. Normally, starting from Christmas day to New year’s day, the attendance in offices are thin. Most schools declare the winter holidays at this time of the year – hence, outbound travelers can be seen in large numbers at the bus terminuses, railway stations and airports. ‘Sightseeing on installment’ are gaining popularity and the Western culture of ‘avail now, pay later’ is gripping our youth.
On the occasion of Christmas, the South Eastern Railways are going all out to commission the Howrah - Digha railway line. The 195 Kilometer track is complete and awaiting certification of the Safety department. Expectations are high – the fare will be in the region of Rs 100.00 for II Class Sleeper and Rs 30.00 for chair car.

Similarly, the well renowned cake and pastry shop ‘Flurry’s’ on Park Street in Kolkata is being reopened on Christmas day. It had closed down on the 15th of August – and, with its closing down, its patrons were apprehensive that it will not return. But, thanks to some well wishers, it is returning with a bang.

In all metros, large Hotels arrange exotic fares for their clientele on these occasions – the rates keep going up and up but still, patrons keep pouring in – no matter whether they have to wait in queue. The lone church at Gulmarg, which was thrown open to the public last year after renovation, will be the venue of celebrations on Christmas day … this year, the J & K ‘tourism department has planned to throw New Year parties on snow covered slopes sprinkled with towering pine and chinar trees at Pahalgaon in South Kashmir ….’

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without Santa Claus and his reindeer drawn sledges romping around the countryside to the music of jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way …
Christmas is that time of the year when cinemas with universal appeal are released – those with themes of Christmas in modern settings become instant hits – ‘Home alone’ is one of the best examples in recent years. The logic is obvious – Christmas vacations are family affairs and are to be enjoyed with all members of the family. No one should be left out.

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