Friday, September 30, 2005

durga puja 2005 is here

The festive season has begun. Ganesh pujas are over and Durga Puja is just around the corner. Kolkata Doordarshan plans to telecast a documentary made to honor the legendary Birendra Krishna Bhadra on his centenary. The program will be telecast on the day prior to Mahalaya. Birendra Krishna Bhadra needs no introduction to Bengalis – the Durga Puja festivities begin with his recitation of early morning stotras over Akashvani (All India Radio) on the occasion of Mahalaya. This is the auspicious day when Goddess Durga is supposed to have begun her journey, along with her children, from the Himalayas to come down to Earth and visit the house of her Mother.

Monsoons are beating the retreat, there is a nip in the air, the print media gives full page displays of different varieties of footwear on offer, and the Railways announce Puja special trains from various destinations to Howrah, one of the busiest of railway stations in the sub-continent during these festivities. The electronic media does not want to be left far behind – they bombard you with display of the latest in dress and fashion, of unheard of tourist destinations in and around Bengal apart from discussions on every conceivable subject under the sun related to ‘how best to extract the maximum from the four days.’ A visit to the net revealed a couple of interesting sites:

In the last few years, the very concept of community celebrations has changed considerably. It seems plans for the year begin soon after the immersions of the previous year. The artists (usually from the Art colleges) who design the theme and associated paraphernalia carry out volumes of research and take the assistance of the internet to come up with attractive proposals. Once the Puja committee approves them, the activities begin. The idol making is entrusted to reliable persons who are given cell phones so that minute to minute progress can be monitored! The organizers leave no stone unturned to ensure the best value for money. In the modern age of sponsorship, it is the hype created around the Puja that matter – hype creates a curiosity which translates into greater visibility for the sponsors. In fact, large houses have instituted awards for which teams are formed by drawing together a group of talented persons (established authors, singers, sportspersons, stars of the silver screens etc.) who visit the pandals and judge the idols, the decorations, the themes, the arrangements. Obviously, the competition is intense and every organizer plays his cards close to his chest, there have been instances when spying networks are set up to collect secret information on the rival’s preparations.

For those who live outside Bengal, this is usually the period of homecoming. For youngsters, this could be an annual affair, for the elders, it may occur once in two or four years, depending on the feasibility of getting leave and considering school schedules of their children. The families normally choose to travel by train for which tickets are procured two months in advance. Once the tickets are in the custody, the count down begins culminating with frantic buying for the near and dear ones back home as the D-day approaches. The train journey remains a memorable one because you discover that practically every other passenger is in your category. You exchange notes and, in some cases, addresses, phone numbers.

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