Friday, October 28, 2005

for whom the decibel tolls

Diwali is known the World over as the Festivals of Lights – in far off Britain’s East Midlands, the Indian population puts up a fantastic display every year. More on Diwali in the East Midlands are available here -

In Johannesburg -

In Australia -

In New York -

In Tokyo -

In India also, it has permeated into each and every corner of the country – houses are decorated with garland of tiny bulbs, fairy lanterns appear on the porch and the balcony, and people go on a shopping spree. Once it used to be a festival of North Indians when people are supposed to stay awake all night through and send prayers to Goddess Lakshmi to bless their homes. Gambling used to be one of the methods employed to stay awake! Today, with no separate identity of North Indian or South Indian, with Bangaloreans at ease in Kolkata and Malayalees relishing the tandoori rotis and sarson-di-saag in Jullunder, and Sardarjis doing roaring business in automobile spares way down in Trivandrum, it is but natural that Diwali be celebrated with equal gusto all over the country. Paying of bonus has become mandatory for employers and the amount of bonus is one of the yardsticks by which one separates the chaff from the wheat – those employed in private organisations get more than average packages. As a result, business houses rise to the occasion. They work out strategies to lighten the burden of so many additional rupees and mop them up by offering attractive discounts and repayment terms to woo the customer. Gifts are exchanged – gold and silver being the preferred metals – it is considered auspicious to purchase these precious metals during Diwali.

And – of course, fireworks are an integral part of the celebrations. Innocent products like sparklers, flower pots, and charkis find very few takers. Each and every one wants to be heard – firecrackers and bombs rule the night. No one seems to spare a thought for sick persons in the neighborhood or heart patients, whose palpitations increase with each loud explosion, snatching away hours from their lives. The authorities specify certain norms of the level of decibels but, who cares. Gift packed dry fruits or beautifully decorated baskets of branded sweets have a magic of their own - their recipients often look the other way when such goodies change hands.

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amaar duniya


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